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Editing 2018

Yep, it's that time of year again when I have to re-image teacher and student devices and get ready for the new teachers coming into the district. This year I'm blacking out July 16th through September 7th. Editing will be unavailable during this time. I'm returning to work today after a week-long vacation, and I'm… Continue reading Editing 2018

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Deck the Halls

...with lots and lots of laughter. Today, I'm grateful for my co-workers--most of them--for making me laugh even when I feel like hell. Why do I feel like hell today? Because I woke up with a sore throat and swollen glands. Fun times. Of course, there was no indication of this illness yesterday...when I was… Continue reading Deck the Halls

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Oh Sweet Little Pill

...that keeps the migraines from starting. Today, I am grateful for my Fioricet. Mainly because my normally loud co-worker is exceptionally loud today and seems to be gaining momentum. I had to take a pill because I really don't feel like spending the evening in bed with a migraine. Meanwhile, I have a couple of… Continue reading Oh Sweet Little Pill

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...not mine, my laptop's, but I understand the confusion. I finally got the 4GB RAM stick for my laptop yesterday, so I brought my laptop to work so I could use the tiny tools I have there, plus all the available light to see properly and not fuck up my computer. So today I'm grateful… Continue reading Memory!

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Oh Monday, Monday

...........   Yes, I know this is technically a My Geekdom post and today is Monday, but listen... So my Monday consisted of waking up late, computers randomly restarting throughout the district, lack of inter-department communication, teachers not having enough access in their group policy to print, java randomly failing, and me not having any… Continue reading Oh Monday, Monday

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What It’s Like

....to be a small press publisher, work full time in Information Technology, write part time, freelance line and copy edit for some amazing authors, work with amazing folks like Michael Rooker, and care for a parent. It's fucking goddamn hard! *collapses* This is why I don't have time to meet someone and date. But it… Continue reading What It’s Like

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Training Day

...because we hired two new help desk guys and I'm the bitch training them. There goes the neighborhood. My Director has already poked his head over the wall of my cubicle and said, "Oh, you're the one corrupting him" when I started training the second new hire. Yeah, I'm so loved. *winks* Last week, we had… Continue reading Training Day

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Just Breathe

...and so it begins. *gasps for breath* HELP! So the teachers have returned, and today, the students return. What does that mean for me? Well...the past two and a half weeks have been back-to-back phone calls from 7:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m., and if that's any indication, it means that my calls will double today.… Continue reading Just Breathe

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...and all that it entails. So our main networking or whatever guy had a chat with a few of us last week and said it'd be a good idea if we, during our copious amounts of down time, would watch these online videos and start getting certified in some IT areas. Okay, so it's not a… Continue reading Certification

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You Gotta Stop

...and rest once in a while, or Life will force you to. I work hard. In fact, I work my ass off with all that I do. I have my day job, which is a 40-hour per week venture in the information systems industry a.k.a computer stuff. It gives me a stable salary and benefits, and… Continue reading You Gotta Stop