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Labor Day Celebration Multi-Author Event

....because giveaways are always fun! That's right, it's time for another event with awesome prizes like a Kindle Fire and Amazon gift cards! When: Now! I mean, August 31st through September 4th. Where: Online, of course, on Facebook. Prizes: I already told you the big ones, but each author throughout the event will be giving… Continue reading Labor Day Celebration Multi-Author Event

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ARC Giveaway!

...because who the hell doesn't want an ARC signed by all the anthology authors? That's right, folks, today we're giving away the signed ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Into the Darkness: an anthology over in the 12 Days of Christmas event. Join the Facebook party and you could win the ARC, a $50 Amazon gift card,… Continue reading ARC Giveaway!

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12 Days of Christmas

...because hell to the yeah, it's contest time with some pretty awesome prizes! That's right, I said prizes. A Kindle Paperwhite and a $50 Amazon gift card are up for grabs. First, you'll need to visit the Event Page on Facebook and join the party. Following, you'll find a schedule of authors participating in this wonderful… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas

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Skip a Starbucks Day!

...and yes, we're doing this again because it's a great cause! In November 2010, friend and author CJ Redwine and her husband Clint adopted a beautiful little bundle of joy into their family, and I was happy to participate in their "Skip a Starbucks Day" event then. I held a contest and gave away prizes,… Continue reading Skip a Starbucks Day!

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It’s My Party . . .

. . . and I'll do whatever the hell I want! And what do I want to do today, on this special day, my day of birth? Well, seeing as how I haven't been to bed yet and I'm feeling a bit loopy crazy, I want to give away a copy of my new book… Continue reading It’s My Party . . .