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Out of the Black

So my dearest friend and soul sister, Kitty, decided to turn her playlist into a poem today. I have to admit, it’s pretty stunning. Thusly, I have been challenged, along with the tagged group of fine writerly types. So here goes.

Note: it’s a little creepy, yet frighteningly accurate. Song titles in boldface.


Out of the Black

Out of the black, I fell
Into the becoming, born anew
But it’s not the Same damn life.
Save today before it ends, before it’s gone.

Have you Missed me?
But What difference does it make?
In the House of the rising sun, you Let it die.
You can’t be my Savior; I can’t be yours,
Though I Want you bad.

Drop me in a Lake of fire,
Clean my wounds,
Instead of The bog I fell in.

Fuck you.
I still Hurt at times,
But I became Orestes,
My life a Vicarious atonement
For Thinking of you.

If I didn’t love you, I’d hate you.

They say “Follow me down the path.”
Then they Take me to church
Where they use Words as weapons.
You know I’m no good,
Yet they Wait and bleed.

When I’m Killing strangers,
I’m a Little monster.
You have yet to Figure it out.

Hear my Footsteps
In the Pure morning,
Before I set Sail
To a Bitter sweet symphony.

Casting my Voodoo on you,
I Go! in search of a new life.
Become The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles,
And come Out of the Black.


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