Smoke Signals

A delightful Native American film written by Sherman Alexie (a wonderful author) about a young man, Victor, and his unlikely companion, Thomas, who travel to Arizona to take care of Victor’s father’s “estate” when he dies; a father he hasn’t seen or had contact with since his childhood. The story is a wonderful quest for Victor and Thomas, who each discover who they are along the way and become true friends. Michelle St. John, of the film Where the Spirit Lives, which I highly recommend, has a minor role in the film as well. The film is witty, moving, and may leave you in tears as you travel with Victor and Thomas, but in the end, it will leave a smile on your face.

The kids I worked with didn’t think I’d “get” the humor in this film because I’m not Native American. Well, I’ve experienced enough of the “rez” to understand the humor; however, you don’t need to be Native American to “get” it. Although, I must tell you that this film does not accurately represent the rez I have come to know. It’s a bit on the lighter side.

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