Jewelry & More

That’s right, I make jewelry and other fine crafts. You can check out my Etsy shop by clicking on the image above. Thanks!

Below, you can see some of the custom pieces I’ve made (click on the image to view a larger photo):

Black Matte Glass Bead Bracelet

Turquoise Chain Bracelet

Pink Rose Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

Dark Green Glass Earrings

Pewter Dragon Pendant Necklace

Pewter Dragon Pendant Necklace

Turquoise Chain Earrings

Light Blue Glass Bracelet and Earrings

Prices for custom orders are higher than the prices you’ll see on the shop. Contact me for an estimate.

I also have a CafePress shop where you’ll find Umi Tweet-shirts and a few other items. Click on the image below…