Editing News

If you’re one of my clients, or a potential new client, you may want to read this….

We’re coming up on August soon, which is the start of school here and my busiest time of year at the day job, so the entire month of August is blocked out to any type of editing or formatting. I work for a school district, and have to hold teachers’ hands at the start of the year and teach them how to use their new software/device or troubleshoot any issues that come up, and it is draining this time of year. We’re talking about several thousand devices, too, and a high call volume. Honestly, sometimes the teachers are worse than their students. I find it hysterical. It’s part of why I love my job.

The rest of July is already booked open, and I do have openings again starting the second weekend of September. Please plan accordingly. I’d greatly appreciate it. Otherwise, I’ll charge an extra $200.00-$300.00 if you absolutely have to have something finished in August. We’ll call it my inconvenience fee after you’ve been warned. Shiny.

Thanks for understanding!




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