Going Pro—Learning from a Master & Win a Chance to Be James Patterson’s Next Co-Author

I am quite guilty of failing to commit to my writing over the years, but a lot of that has changed recently. I decided to focus on myself, my dreams, to put a ring on my writing. It’s slow going and difficult working around a full time job, but I’m getting there. After not being able to write much more than a short story here and there after the “event” seven years ago, it’s refreshing to be working on a novel again and actually *gasp* PLOTTING it.

At any rate, read Kristen’s words. She’s one smart cookie. 😉

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Image via Master's Class site. Image via Master’s Class site.

Today I have something exciting to tell you guys about *bounces up and down like a kid*. Last week we talked about Going Pro and today I’d like to springboard off some of what we talked about. One of the reasons it is so vital for authors to take ourselves seriously, is it directly impacts how we operate. So long as we view what we do as “our little thing” or “a hobby” or we are “aspiring,” we are hesitant to do the activities that will truly matter. We will fail to commit.

We are just “shacking up” with our dream instead of putting a ring on it.

If we haven’t yet mentally “gone pro” often we won’t make our writing a priority. Everyone and everything comes first and if there is any time left over? Well, then we can write.


We will also…

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