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The Secret Life of Jinxie G, Part I

secret_life_of_walter_mitty_xxlgI watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (the remake with Ben Stiller) last night and thought about how similar to Walter’s life mine is. I mean, I’ve seen the movie before and knew then that I am oh-so-much like Walter Mitty, but in subtle ways I’m different. For instance, the fantasy at play within my mind never stops and doesn’t keep me from living in the here and now, in reality. I’ve always said that I have one foot in the door of my dreams when I’m here in reality, and one foot in reality when I’m visiting my dreams, but I never realized how true that was until last night while watching Walter “zone out” during one of his fantasies of doing great things and going to wonderful places. I zone out, but I’m usually alone when that happens. However, if you see me staring “through” something or someone, that’s a “zone out.” It’s rare, but it happens, although not while in the midst of talking to someone. Usually.

poster-3Today, I’ve been working on a few projects, one of which is my website here on the Editing page because professionalism is key and I needed to post a sample of the contract I’ve been creating over the past week or so. Starsky, my Boy Wonder co-worker, helped me figure out how to embed the damn PDF so people could just click, open, and read. Well, now it does exactly what I want it to do and I’m a happy girl who can concentrate on other things.

I’m also dealing with an allergic reaction to the half-slice of pizza I ate at work yesterday because I didn’t have a chance to grab lunch and there’s not a whole helluva lot in the area when it comes to take out/drive-thru, but also there’s the aforementioned food allergies pretty much preventing me from eating out.

But I digress…

tumblr_mxr8qz9YmX1rcufbuo1_1280I’ve mentioned my overactive imagination many times, and you’d think by now I’d have multiple books published, right? Well, there’s also a goddamn Perfectionist in me, and she halts most production. I have to sneak stuff past her, and it’s not always prime material, hence the vamp books. I really do love that story line, but I’m thinking I just need to focus on the twins, Trent and Shawn de Laurent. It’s not like I don’t have the material for them already. They have their own damn blog.

I haven’t talked much about this, but one of the things I’ve been changing in my life as of late is my focus and what I focus on. That is to say that I will be focusing more on writing. Just Ink Press will still exist because I will publish my books and anthologies through it, but I will no longer publish other authors. Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of time and it’s not fair to anyone involved. My own creativity suffers, not to mention the other authors’ creative outlet. I’ve loved working with everyone! They’ve been great. But it’s time to become a little selfish and focus on me. I mean, I’m not going to be around forever, right? If only….


So, will there be more stories coming from me soon?

You bet your ass there will be!