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Adventures in Comiconland

…when I’m not actually working the event.


Phoenix Comicon was the last weekend in May this year and I had a blast, even though my body was basically all “fuck you” after walking for two days straight. Originally, I was only supposed to go for one day, but my friend Gary Wilson over at Nightstalker Press gave me an exhibitor pass for the next day. Queue him into the Awesome Friend VIP area (no, you can’t get in without a pass, damn it). At any rate, I walked in two days the equivalent of working three days wrangling Michael Rooker when I work for Juliette and ZSC Entertainment. Saturday alone I walked 10,000 steps. That’s more than I walk in one day with the Rooker. Wow.

But…I saw a lot of neat stuff and met a lot of awesome people, so instead of a big gigantic long-ass post, I’m adding pictures below. There’s not a lot of them, but I’m short on time these days (I’ll explain in another post).


10479421_889566227766715_4414259501424518914_n 11180634_889009684489036_3612187505593987426_n 11017555_890013261055345_8300848137168143477_n


There was a pink version of Pyramidhead walking around but I wasn’t able to grab a pic of her. And yes, I know I should have taken more pics, but I stood in lines most of Saturday.

Awesome Art by Dave Holtz

11390058_890023094387695_3634197449733421346_n 10420205_890023107721027_7390368937317303165_n
Ron Perlman AKA Hellboy (and several other characters but all I care about is Hellboy):
Second part of the photo op line for Ron

11009967_889175431139128_1395134463710843657_o (2)

David Morrissey AKA the Governor, who was extremely wonderful even though I went through his line four times (I swear I’m not a stalker):
David posing with his new Magdalena Peach Clothing Co. t-shirt



Jason Momoa *gasps*, who was also very polite and soft-spoken:



Katee Sackoff AKA Starbuck, whom I got to speak with for a good amount of time about our steps and apps for it:


Karl Urban, also very nice and might I point out how he signed the photo and exactly which photo from which movie it is and the quote is not:



I’d also like to point out that even though I work with celebrities once in a blue moon, when I walked up to their booths for the above moments, I felt like a complete fucking on-the-verge-of-babbling fangirling idiot. So if that’s how you feel when approaching these wonderful people, don’t feel so bad about it. I do it too. 😉

I also picked up these guys. They were just hanging around for a pretty decent price. Guardians don’t cost much, it seems. 😉


Now all I need is Drax, Nebula, Thanos, the Collector, full-sized Groot, and Ronan. Right? Who am I missing? I already have Yondu and Baby Groot.

And sometimes, after walking 10,000 goddamn steps in one day when you’re not used to it, you need to have a fucking drink and eat Mexican food.

10841990_889166724473332_1193956178749972560_o  11390109_889067857816552_7694037761450915012_n

*limps away with rum and coke*

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