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Happy New Year!

…and my hope for you is that this year and beyond is prosperous and filled with happy memories.

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey


I started this post yesterday, and then got distracted by several things and forgot about it until now when I came to do something else on my blog and, “Oh hey, I started a fucking post yesterday and didn’t finish it! Shit.”


Welcome to my world.


I noticed a lot of people complaining about 2014 and how it sucked. For once, I can’t say the same. My year was pretty okay. Maybe not spectacular or out-fucking-standing, but great things take time to come to pass, and I’m all right with that, so “okay” works for me right now because not so long ago it was completely shitty for several years in a row.

At any rate, Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is an improvement for you.

Dance in the Rain


PS: my laptop decided to be a bitch in the midst of me writing this and I hadn’t saved it and had to reboot, but by some fucking miracle, it’s all here. Just thought I’d share that with you. 😉