Oh, the Agony!

…because I hurt like hell today.

I think I pulled a muscle while putting Umi’s bookshelf together yesterday. In my shoulder. Right on the left shoulder blade. Where I hurt it the last fucking time and it just healed.


And I just reminded myself that I need to hop on the elliptical. Fucking hell.

As you can see, I really enjoy it. Oh, it’s all fine once I get in a groove, but starting again after not doing it for a long period of time is a real bitch.


Today, I’m grateful for the pain pill I just popped in my mouth because hell yeah, let’s lessen the agony a bit, shall we? Right-O!

*runs off to the gym*

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2 thoughts on “Oh, the Agony!

  1. Chaz DeSimone says:

    I haven’t been to the gym all year (I used to be a gym rat) and must start again. I don’t know how this losing all my possessions will affect my life, but I figure I might as well look good in the coffin if it comes to that (with a good tan). So if I start going to the gym immediately, do you PROMISE to say “You look awesome!” in 12 weeks?

    Happy New Year


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