A Trio of Grattos

…and yes, I’m suppose to be doing these daily and Life is getting in the way, that unstable bitch.

I spent pretty much my entire weekend in my cave with a migraine from hell. Saturday, I couldn’t even handle the minute amount of light peeking around my dark curtains and it took most of the day to beat the migraine into submission after taking an Imitrex and crawling back into bed with an ice pack on my head. I woke up at 8:30am. I slept until 3pm, half my day wasted. At least, that’s how I look at it.

Of course, I didn’t get much of my massive To Do list worked on and spent the evening watching movies because it was about all I could handle.

Then I awoke Sunday with another one. “What. The. Fuck?” said I. “I can’t do this two days in a row.” The migraine didn’t care. This time, however, I took about 650 mg of Tylenol because I only have one Imitrex left and my prescription is expired. Then I spent the ENTIRE day in bed in my dark room and watching Arrow because 1) I’ve never seen the show, and 2) *ahem* Stephen Amell, need I say more?


So I don’t know what I’m grateful for during those two days other than my Imitrex and Tylenol.

Today, I’m just grateful I don’t have a fucking migraine.


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