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Conversations with Pasha

…who is the reason for my latest addiction.


A couple of weeks back, Pasha brought over four Assassin’s Creed games. Four. Because, you know, I have time to play video games amidst all that I do. Usually, I’ll game for an entire day and then it’ll be six months or so before I do it again. This past Friday after work marked the beginning of my 4-day weekend, where I planned to get some work in but mostly try to relax, since I don’t get to do that much these days. Oh yes, you know where this is going. Because I started playing Assassin’s Creed II prior to this weekend. It’s my understanding that the first game in the series isn’t worth the trouble, but he brought the next four.

I’m addicted.

I want to be there. In Italy. In 1478.

Don’t believe me? Read this review.

On a side note, who knew the game was all Matrix-y? I didn’t! Even better! And damn, I could possibly learn Italian while playing this game, there’s enough spoken. Even betterer!

At any rate, I left work on Friday and thus began a conversation that has lasted all weekend, and I’ll be surprised if he survives the next time my mother sees him.

Conversations with Pasha: a mother/”son” discussion

ME: *runs off to play video games*

PASHA: New assassin game comes out the 11th!!! And Inquisition (Dragon Age) on the 16th!!!

ME: How do you kill without being detected?

PASHA: Poison I think?

ME: That’s what I thought but how do I just knick him? Oh wait, I just have to walk by, huh?

PASHA: Yeah. You walk by and knick him. It won’t alert anyone.

ME: Fuck yes! FINALLY!!! Now I’m trying to kill 10 heavily armed guards in 1 minute. I can get 9 before time runs out. Ugh. *next day* I finally got it late last night. Those fuckers are damn difficult to kill!

PASHA: Do you have smoke bombs? Those should make it way easier… Also double kills…with smoke

ME: I do not have smoke bombs! Where do I get those?!!!

PASHA: They’re part of the story…I think…

ME: I must not have unlocked that part yet. I’ll get there. I have 3 seals so far and need 12 more codex pages. Oh! The scorpion looking glowy thingy….it says “Their power will CUT down their enemies.” Or something like that. I am at a loss as to which images are the correct ones. I tried myth and real and every other combo. I may need to Google each one to figure this out. LOL

PASHA: They’re definitely part of the storyline…you’ll get there. 🙂

ME: Umi even tried to help me with the last one and she couldn’t figure it out. LOL

PASHA: She might be able to tell you if they’re historically accurate….I mean she was there, right??? 😉

ME: Oh, she’s going to kill you. LOL


Brave boy, this one is.

In my defense on that puzzle mentioned above, it was nearly 3am and I hadn’t gotten back to solving it by the end of this conversation, but I will. Oh yes I will. Actually, I’ll totally cheat on this. *grins*

LATER: It actually stated “The power they wielded CUT down their enemies” and I found a Glyph Puzzle cheat because I am not beneath cheating a game when they make a puzzle like that so goddamn difficult. The correct answers don’t even make sense!

And I finally got the smoke bombs! Now to kill off five conspirators without being detected, which is a helluva lot more fucking difficult than it sounds…apparently.