Happy Semi-Anniversary

…because this is a decent milestone for me.


Six months ago I quit smoking.

Let me rephrase that…


*breathes in all the air*

I passed the test in Vegas too, because walking through the casinos, where you can still smoke, was absolutely disgusting.

Go me!

*throws confetti*

confetti gif


2 thoughts on “Happy Semi-Anniversary

  1. Chaz DeSimone says:

    My heart fills with joy when someone says they’ve quit smoking (or has never smoked). I loved my dad very much but lost him at 10 years old to emphysema. He smoked Kool menthol unfiltered non-stop. I still remember his “smoky menthol aroma” and to this day cherish it, but wish that it was from something other than what caused him to die.
    I look forward to hearing you celebrate your 1-year non-smoking anniversary, Jinxie.


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