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Hello, Sin City

…because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Right?

Unless you are with a writer like me, I always say. *grins*


I’d been looking forward to this mini-vacay for weeks, since June, actually, and suffice it to say, the week right before my trip sucked balls. I needed this getaway because while I’ve traveled a bit here and there, I’m always working when I do the comic cons, and as fun as that is and as awesome as it is to hang out with the folks I have the privilege to hang out with, it ain’t no damn vacation. A vacation is where I don’t have to lift a damn finger to do anything other than the basic necessities. I long to sit on a beach with a book to read or a notebook to write a book in, but until I get my ass in shape (posts on that soon) I’d feel like a beached whale, so that’s nixed for now. Also? I need to save up vacation time and money. Hey, it might all come together at once.

Snoopy picked me up early that Friday morning in her new little Scion (now I want one) and we were off to pick up Bat Girl and meet our fourth comrade at the airport. Not Sky Harbor, mind you, but this tiny little used-to-be-an-air-force-base airport way out on the east side of the valley. Now, I already live in the east valley, so if I’m complaining about how fucking far this mini-airport is, you know it’s a good clip. But hey, I didn’t have to drive and I wanted to fly up there with my friends instead of meeting them there! It still would have been cheaper to drive.

We arrived at the airport and headed for the bar. It’s nine in the morning, but who gives a shit? Bat Girl ordered a Cape Cod, which everyone here calls a vodka and cranberry, but whatever. All Snoopy and I wanted was a Pepsi…


Never mind.

(*hint: we’d get suicidal without one)

Oh. Em. Gee. People! Listen to some music!


Anyway, we nearly missed our flight, along with half the passengers because we were all in the bar, Snoopy almost lost it boarding the plane because she gets vertigo real bad, and we boarded using this rickety staircase leading to a small airplane that once boarded, sat on the tarmac in the HEAT for 45 minutes without any air on AND I WILL NEVER FLY ALLEGIANT AGAIN!

*clears throat*


That was, however, the shortest damn flight I have ever been on in my life, and it’s been so long since I flew to Vegas (I was 19 last time) that I didn’t remember how short that flight was. I usually drive. Anyway, we landed and headed to baggage claim for my bag (I was the only one to check a bag–more on that another time) and a taxi. Oh, just let me show you the taxi line….

Taxi line 1
One end…behind me
Taxi line 2
The other end…in front of me


Luckily, it moved fast and soon, we were told to go here…

Lucky 13Oh, lucky 13. Please be the forebear of good fortune. And then we were swept away by a cabbie and taken to the first of two hotels.

Snoopy and I stayed at a friend’s suite at the MGM Towers, where a bunch of celebrities were apparently staying because there was a fucking iHeart radio concert that weekend and we had no idea. But who cares because Snoopy and I have this in the bathroom next to the goddamn toilet…

Toilet phone

That’s right, we could call someone while taking a shit. How spectacularly awesome is that? I know most fellas think it’s great. No, I didn’t do that, but I was so tempted.

We had a great view from our room, though.

Room with a view2Room with a view1

Here’s where Bat Girl and Poker Face stayed…


I don’t know if you realize this, but those two hotels aren’t really walking distance from one another. Snoopy and I found out just how far, even with the monorail, by the end of the first night as our legs protested. Ow!

Viva Las Vegas

…and then my phone decided to not just die, but have a complete meltdown hard drive failure by frying itself.

Friday late afternoon/early evening, Snoopy and I met the others near their hotel, and we started the first of many long walks that would have my feet and legs screaming and begging me to stop. Between Paris and Bally’s, there’s this beautiful stained glass ceiling, and this is the last photo I took before my phone had a meltdown…

Stained glass

Yes, I photobombed my own photo. And then I photobombed Bat Girl’s…


Snoopy and I were on our own part of Saturday before the concert, and we found pretzel dogs, because y’know, those are so on my diet plan.

Pretzel dog

But let’s show the concert via Snoopy’s photos…

Ladies and gentlemen, the Cosmopolitan welcomes Thirty Seconds to Mars

Cosmo jumbotronHalo of light30 Seconds to Mars rain

(my blog, for whatever fucked up reason, will not allow me to place photos side-by-side right now, so I apologize for the non-aesthetic views, although, Jared looking like Jesus while wearing a crown and dropping F-bombs in the rain is pretty goddamn amazing)

Yes, those are incredibly large drops of rain in the last image that started about an hour into the show (I thought it was shorter because I was still standing), which cancelled the show, but it was fun, other than mine and Snoopy’s fears of the fucking floor dropping out from under us from the idiots jumping up and down. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? WE’RE ON THE THIRD FUCKING FLOOR OF A HIGH-RISE!

ACK! o.O

The beauty of Snoopy’s vertigo was that we were able to move around the crowds because we’d just grab security and say, “Hey, she canNOT go down those stairs, unless you want her passing out and taking a tumble.” Okay, we didn’t exactly say that, but it was essentially implied, and they were nice enough to show us through the inner workings of the hotel to an elevator. Thank you, Cosmo. You done good there.

Leaving Las Vegas

…and so very happy to do so.

1200 flip-flopsSunday was a kind of lazy day and my legs were feeling a bit better. We ended up walking a million fucking miles that day too, and discovered that there really is such a thing as a $1200 pair of flip-flops.

I bet you’re just as shocked as we were.

Forecast signSaw this awesome sign on the way out, of course, so I made Bat Girl take a picture since I couldn’t.


At the airport, there was a guy sitting nearby and he kept staring over at us. I was trying to figure out why without coming right out and saying, “Hey fucker, why you staring?” At first, it didn’t bother me, but then it started giving the creepy vibe and I was all, “I’m outta here” when the girls could finally board (I always get priority, but waited with them because I had an aisle seat).

And my travelmates were gambling…at the airport…or all checking their phones. I was so jealous.

Is it time to board yet???

Jinxie has left the state of Nevada! But don’t worry, she’ll be back…in a few or so years.