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Training Day

…because we hired two new help desk guys and I’m the bitch training them. There goes the neighborhood.

My Director has already poked his head over the wall of my cubicle and said, “Oh, you’re the one corrupting him” when I started training the second new hire. Yeah, I’m so loved. *winks*

Last week, we had two new hires start, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. I trained New Guy #1 for all of one day before he was off and running on the phones, though he spent the rest of the week popping over my cubicle wall to ask questions, and still does though not as often. Mostly, his questions are about policy. New Guy #2 started the next day and I had no choice but to have him sit with me through Thursday because there was no place else to put him until my cubicle neighbor left for her retirement on Thursday, but as soon as she was out the door, we re-imaged her computer and he and I started setting up his area, keeping us there until at least 5:00 pm. Then I got him set up with all the links and everything he’d need the next morning, and he was on the phones before lunch. He’s already been with the district for a year and ran a computer lab at one of the junior highs like I did, so he’s not only familiar with the district, but also the computers and printers we use. That’s a huge plus, in my opinion, and I was happy as hell for him, though some people weren’t thrilled about him being hired. I (still) don’t see what the fucking issue was. He’s not an idiot. In fact, he probably knows more than I do, and considering his age equals the number of years of knowledge in my overloaded brain, that’s saying something.

I have to say that I am quite pleased and impressed with both of them, and soon, I’ll be training two more. The beauty of these first two is that they think just like me….


I know, right? Nerf wars might actually happen!