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…and all that it entails.


So our main networking or whatever guy had a chat with a few of us last week and said it’d be a good idea if we, during our copious amounts of down time, would watch these online videos and start getting certified in some IT areas. Okay, so it’s not a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind having some of those certifications. But here’s the thing….

First, getting any IT certification involves just a tad more than watching some videos. If I remember correctly, a test is involved too, one that costs money to take. Will that be reimbursed? They don’t reimburse teachers for their certification test, so I doubt I’d get reimbursed for my IT certifications.

And are those certifications going to be reflected on my paycheck? I already know the answer to this and it’s a flat out no. Why? I’m a lowly help desk hourly-rate employee. If they’d like to change that, I’d be more than happy to go after those certifications. But, if I’m MCSE or otherwise certified, why in God’s name would I stay in this position making what I make, which is less than half of what I could make with any IT certification?

IT Certifications in demand

Brilliant fucking thinking.

As usual.

I won’t even go into some of the other shit coming down the pike.