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Re-imaging and Upgrades

…also known as ‘Jinxie needs a new damn computer because her hard drive crashed’.


After being off work for a week and a half, I returned to my trusty Windows 7 work computer. Everything was just as I’d left it, and I started working on emails, since I had no voice and that would make talking on the phone a tad difficult. Then I decided since it was slow and I really couldn’t talk, it’d be a good idea to move my station…again. Might as well just get it over with, right? It’s bound to happen anyway. So that’s what I did. I got everything moved, hooked up everything and got my computer back on the network, and then BAM! Screens go black and the bitch won’t fully boot up. Seriously? Now? Fine. I tried to repair it, but it was beyond my skill level, so I walked into the tech room where two techs happen to be at their stations, and asked, “Who wants to re-image my computer?” They both laughed and one grabbed his disc and followed me back to my station. Then we decided that since I was going to have to help teachers and admins out in the district who were suddenly faced with Windows 8.1 after being on XP for years and years it would be a good idea to upgrade me to 8.1 too.

He tried imaging my computer THREE TIMES and it wouldn’t take. I made mention of how nice it would be if I had a 7010 64-bit computer. He laughed and said there weren’t any 7010s in stock. We ended up having to replace my computer anyway and the OS upgrade finally took. YAY! It only took a few hours.

And just before I left work on Monday, I opened the computer’s properties, and do you know what I discovered? It may be a 780, but it’s a 64-bit!

Onward to Photoshop!!!

(no, I didn't do this one but it's funny)
(no, I didn’t do this one but it’s funny)

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  1. Technology…I believe that hardware and software companies are in league with those in the mental health profession. That’s my conspiracy theory.


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