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Ch Ch Ch Changes

…and I totally continued the earworm from that last post. You’re welcome.

I said Change would come to the techisphere of My Geekdom, and after receiving the survey results on our antiquated IS department (you think I’m joking, but I’m not), our Director had a little talk with us. Survey says, “Hey, you’re antiquated!” Director says, “Hey, we need to change this shit now!” Okay, not really in those words, but you get the gist. Lord knows I’m all for Change. I say “Bring It, Bitch!” Because there’s nothing like Change to catapult you into the future and freak people the ever-living fuck out, and we all know that I find that shit amusing as hell. I’ve already had one call from a Windows 8.1 hater. This Fall when school starts is going to be so much fun!


One major Change that’s going on is the upgrade from Windows XP (yeah, I know, don’t even ask) to Windows 7 and 8.1. Some of our software isn’t compatible with Win8.1–mainly on admin machines because it’s admin software that hasn’t quite caught up to reality yet–so we have to only upgrade them to Win7 so they’ll work. Some of them have that stupid Celeron processor, so they can ONLY be upgraded to Windows 7 because Celeron can’t handle 8.1. If a tech upgrades a Celeron processor to 8.1, it’s bluescreen city. Likewise, the RAM needs upgraded, but do you think the techs are doing that? Hell no. That’s another list for after the upgrades because that’s how shit works. I just talked to someone who’d been upgraded to Win7, and their Celeron machine had 1GB RAM. *facepalm*

Also? Everyone seems to be moving to a different part of the building except for the help desk, thank the gods. I don’t want to move all of my shit again. However, as traffic seems to have increased in front of me, I’m now considering moving back a cubicle when the guy in there moves to whereverthefuck he’s going because it’s fucking noisy now and I can’t hear my calls. Major drawback. Damn it.

And finally, my boss is retiring on the 30th. While I’m happy for him, I’m also a tad nervous because they have yet to replace him (that’s how the district works; replace after someone leaves because, you know, it would make sense to hire someone and have him train them). Now all requests, including vacation requests, will go through the Director. Good thing I decided against taking off in August for Wizard World Chicago. Regardless, my boss is laid back, easy going, and will pretty much say yes to anything, which is probably why they’re not having him train his replacement. *shrugs* They haven’t even decided on who it will be yet and they did interviews awhile back. They also haven’t hired someone for our final help desk opening, which is going to hurt us come August because it’ll be busy as hell, and if we don’t have someone trained in here, it’s gonna dump that extra load on the four of us.

*sigh* I’m gonna need a vacation come September. *goes to look for conventions around that time near the beach . . . or just a beach in general* Oh hey! Four-day weekend over the 4th!



6 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Changes”

  1. Sounds like a totally fun time. Not. Oh man upgrade with new systems if your going to upgrade operating systems or life is going to s*ck for everyone. Not training new manager is stupid and not hiring that help person while doing this scope of changes – insanity.

    Thanks for reminding me how great it is to be able not to have a full-time job although I could do without the multiple health problems which led to leaving the workforce in 2001.


    1. I had to leave the workforce years ago due to health issues, so I’m conflicted about the full time job, even though I love what I do. Right now, I’m just praying I don’t crack under pressure this fall.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Id help but your company seems to be in par with mine when it comes to upgrades. We’re just not cleaning up the company to Win7.


    1. They’re rushing all of this bc of XP not being supported anymore. They tweak the OS and then don’t test the damn thing. I just don’t understand. It’s not like there are no goddamn computers in the building to test this shit on!


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