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Cleaning House

…and praying I get to keep my job that I love so much.

A lot has been happening within and without Jinxie’s World these days, and on the outside, in the really real world, work is one of those things. Changes, they are a-comin’ within the techiesphere of the school district I work for, and some may not like those changes. Some of the changes may also not be good changes, but personally, I’ve never had an issue with change unless it fucks me royally and leaves me like a beat up hooker in the alleyway.

Whoa! I’ve been reading Chuck Wendig’s blog too much.

Anyway, work changes . . . we all hate ’em.

David Bowie changes

And hate is such a horrible word. It’s negative, and one of the things we can’t be anymore is negative, so let’s stop using “hate” and go with “dislike” instead.

People dislike changes. They always have, and fight it tooth and nail until their dying breath . . . or they’re told to pick up their last paycheck. So fighting change isn’t a good thing; you have to learn to go with the flow of change because listen to me, people, change is inevitable.

And change with a capital C is happening where I work.

I love my job. I’d like to keep it, so I’m doing whatever I need to do to do that. *blinks* Wow, let’s try that again. I’m minding my damn P’s and Q’s with the new regime, but in all honesty, I’m okay with changes. Lord knows I’ve seen a lot of those fuckers over the past six years to get used to them.

So you want to make changes in my world? I say Bring It! I am no stranger to the Road of Change.

changes ahead

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