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And This Week’s Virus…

…reminds me of Dr. Mario. Did you play that? It was like Tetris, but with drugs . . . gods, it all makes sense now.


I’m kidding. But really, in the world of cyber viruses, the same goddamn program as last week–or whenever the Malware started–is giving me problems this week, only it’s a different issue. Now the shortcut either doesn’t work or disappears altogether. Seriously. The fucker just vanishes. I don’t know where it goes, but I just replace the folder in the drive and then replace the shortcut, and all is well in the cybersphere of that particular universe. It’s all I can do to keep the program running because if I remove that malware, the program won’t work at all.

Know what the issue is? XP is vulnerable now that Windows has discontinued support of it, and that is the reason the entire district is going through a massive OS overhaul. Same with our antivirus, which is also having issues, so really, it’s pointless for me to send a tech out to re-image these computers when they’re about to be imaged with the new OS this summer.

Haven’t seen hide nor hair of that Conficker.B virus in a while. Somebody finally squashed that worm.

In another realm of the geekisphere, I am now NOT going out in the field to help with the new Windows 8.1 image install districtwide, at least, not until I return from vacation when more people will be back at the help desk. No worries. I’ve got . . . oh hey, today is my last day before vacation! Nice. Oh wait, I’m still working, just not at the day job. Damn. And I have to work a partial day next week to cover the time I’m short on vacation and sick leave for this near two-week extravaganza of conventions.

One of these days, I will take a REAL vacation.

Peace out, bitches!

PS: There may or may not be a post on Monday.

PPS: There will NOT be a My Geekdom post next Wednesday, unless something happens on the partial workday that I feel worthy of blogging. *grins*