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Should I Go?

…or should I stay right where I am?

Last week, after the bossman finally made a decision on the new hire to fill my old contract, my actual physical position in the area was apparently up for discussion in the back.


Jinxie: Where’s the new person going, since J’s taking up the only other cubicle?

Bossman: That’s a good question.

C: (to Bossman) And what about when you’re gone? So Jinxie may or may not move back here again?

Bossman: Maybe Jinxie doesn’t want to move back here again. Maybe she likes it up front. All the guys flirt with her.

Jinxie: *laughs*

C: Are you moving back here?

Jinxie: I don’t know now. I kind of like it up here. All the guys flirt with me.


And let me tell you why I’m starting to like it up front…no, it has nothing to do with the guys flirting with me, which they really don’t. It has to do with people of every level in the district that walk through there and talk to me. That’s right, talk. Talking is important. Sitting up front is important. People stop to talk, they’ll remember my face, they’ll remember me. Especially if I can joke around with them. Do you have any idea how important that is in any business?

Right now, some of you are thinking I’m kissing ass. I’m not, but I don’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks. I love my job, yes. I know how to move up, should I choose to do so. That second part is real important. You do that–moving up (don’t sing the Jeffersons theme)–by talking to people, plain and simple. By doing your job to the best of your ability. People who have to ass-kiss are the lazy motherfuckers who don’t do their jobs. They skirt by with the bare minimum. The funny thing is, they actually think bosses don’t notice this, and some don’t. Those are the ones who are blinded by the flattery, who apparently need that feeling it gives them. My boss is laid back and about to retire. He doesn’t give much of a shit about anything right now, certainly not about brown-nosers.

Hiding in the back corner, no one–including the director–ever saw me or knew I was back there. If I stayed back there and wanted to put in for a higher level position, the director wouldn’t even know who the fuck I am. Now, several of the department’s supervisors know me.

The only thing I don’t like about sitting up front is the positioning of my monitors.


I mean, really, it’s hard to hide Facebook when people can see your monitors. Privacy screens aren’t really an option, either, because I can’t make a good argument for them since no students or outside personnel wander into my office.


At any rate, I think I’ll just stay up front. Besides, I really don’t want to move again. This is my third spot in seven months. It’s kinda like when I moved five times in four years and people started calling me Nomad.

Ooh, hello shiny new character!

(just ignore the ADD)

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  1. Good for you…I wanted to make a snarky comment but you’ve made yourself a good point. 🙂
    Also, i just saw the ‘Just Ink Press’ pic….love that ring!!!


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