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10 Reasons I Suck at Blogging

…and I’ll be amazed if this post actually publishes.

Yeah, yeah, we all know I’m terrible at keeping a schedule with this damn thing, though I do try my best. I honestly don’t know how some authors blog weekly or even daily and still write a book, edit said book, market the book, and work part or full time.


How in the ever-loving fuck do you do it?

Especially if you have kids. I never had kids (which, considering yesterday’s holiday, is a sore subject for me right now) and I have NO TIME for this shit. Yes, I know, a writer doesn’t wait for time to write; a writer MAKES time. But, when said writer’s focus is completely out of whack (totally the medical terminology) and her A.D.D. is in hyperdrive, it’s real fucking hard to concentrate during said slotted time!


At any rate, I still suck at blogging, and here’s why:

10. The Internet is a big, wondrous place filled with never-ending information and…….ooh, shiny!

9.   Movies. Streaming movies and TV shows, several of which I haven’t seen and want to watch. And I have Amazon Prime and access to Netflix.

amazon-prime-logo-300w  netflix_logo_3575

8.   Social media, in general. I could list them all, but really, what’s the point when they’re one big lump of fucking distraction.

Photograph: Anatolii Babii /Alamy
Photograph: Anatolii Babii /Alamy

7.  I really was never very good at keeping a diary or journaling, which is essentially what a blog is. We didn’t do that in class when I was in school…well, not until I got to college.

6.  I work full time, and run a publishing company, freelance line/copy edit, and try to write a book now and then. What?

helpdesk1 JIP Rathius Logo
Nemesis_200x300  The Dracove_200x300  GodsVamps_200x300  IntoTheDarkness_900x1350

5.  Because of the above statement, my mind is in twenty different places at once.

4.  And then it jumps to 200,000 different places and skirts the Milky Way with the Doctor. The Doctor and River 3.  I’m sitting here staring at the screen and trying to think of the next two. Whose fucking idea was it to do a Top 10 list for this anyway?

2.  It’s not that I run out of material, really. It’s more that I get too many ideas and when I sit down to write one up, they ALL disappear. I’m only writing this post because I had the idea while sitting at my laptop, whose name is now Bane (see below).

1.  Fucking Google Chrome is the bane of my existence when I have to keep reinstalling it because it won’t open AGAIN on my laptop! This process generally takes an hour minimum but can last upwards of three or more, depending on how pissed off I get and how many times I have to restart my goddamn machine. Yes, I do realize this has nothing to do with blogging, but you see, it actually DOES because without Chrome, I can’t get on here and write this. I don’t want to write posts on my phone. I can’t even imagine what the autocorrect typos would be with that process. I did that 3 hours ago, started this post, added pictures and linky-links, and now it’s 10:00pm and I still have work to get finished. It actually takes a good chunk of time to blog. Time is extremely short and precious to me. And there are ALWAYS mistakes to fix, thereby costing me more precious minutes.

THIS is why I suck at blogging.

See you on Wednesday.