How Many IT Guys…

…does it take to move a desk?

Well, that depends.

So, the entire IT (or IS, as we call it) department/building is under construction…All. At. Once. I came in Monday morning to insanity. Try listening to someone on the phone in the midst of sledgehammers pounding drywall and wood around you. But first, most of the department had to move all of their shit. The majority of this shit got moved all during last week, but at around 3:00pm on Friday, they kicked it into high gear for the last hour or so of the day. Which essentially means they slacked off most of the week. Next thing I know, there’s a bunch of guys in front of my desk trying to move a desk from the office next door. A HUGE desk. I sat and watched, amused.

Jinxie tweet

I was amused by the fact that TWO guys were actually moving this beast, and THREE were supervising, so I guess the answer to that question is five IT guys. FIVE.



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