Are You Available?

…because we want to know, not for us, but y’know.

So my boss is one of only two men in my small little help desk area, and he’s a riot. If I can ever get the chance to record one of the conversations between him and my ex-neighbor in the back, I will share with you because hilarity ensues with those two.

Today’s conversation centered briefly around the other man, who is my new neighbor in the front.

Bossman: Hey P, and I’m not asking this for myself, but are you available?

P: Yes.

Me: *laughs* (because not sure P understood the question)

Bossman: So you *are* available.

C: No, he’s not. I’m telling you.

(P clues in…)

P: No, I’m not.

Me: *laughs*

C: See? He’s not available.

Bossman: Wait, I’m confused. Is he or is he not available.

C: He’s not.

Bossman: ….


Meanwhile, the networking guy just locked himself out of his office/area, to which I reacted by laughing…loudly. Ever hear Broomhilda cackle? So me. Okay, maybe not, but it’s close.




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