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Upcoming Event(s)

…because you KNOW I don’t do these things for myself as an author or even publisher (yet).


*gasp* An actual honest-to-goodness author event?

Yes, my darling minions…..well, it’s called Phoenix Comicon and it is the first weekend in June. Feel free to bring forth birthday tidings, and if they are of the food variety, let’s not forget my diet now lacks dairy, sugar, and grains…y’know, all the good stuff.

I’m kidding, of course…about bringing me things.

More importantly, buy a book and have me sign it! Or pick up some of my jewelry.

Also, R.C. Murphy will be there signing books, so this is a double author event! She’ll also be selling things other than books, handmade items….because we’re a couple of crafty witches.

Five Just Ink Press books will be available for purchase and signings, if I can get this last one finished.

This may be the only author event for me this year. The weekend after Phoenix Comicon I’ll be at Denver Comic Con working with Rooker again. Don’t think he’d appreciate folks asking me to sign stuff at his booth. LOL But that doesn’t mean you can’t stop by and say hi.

The following books will be available in print for the first time June 5-8, 2014 at Phoenix Comicon. Come on out and see how R.C. Murphy and myself will be dressed, chit-chat with us about zombies or one of our worlds, or just hang out and get your geek on.

Booth 793 with Magdalena Peach Clothing Co.

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