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I’m Already Here

…so I can just change my contract, right?

helpdesk1Friday, April 4th, I had an impromptu interview with the Director of my ginormous department because I had applied to have my contract changed to the full year one. Right now, I’m on the same schedule as the students, and that’d be great to have summers off if I had a way to replace the income I’m going to lose by taking nine weeks off. I’d love the summers off. It’d give me time to write and work on building Just Ink Press.

Alas, I kind of need the paycheck. Which sucks. But hey, it’s not like the summers at the help desk are busy, so I should be able to work on a few things anyway. I’ll just still have to wake up at 5:30am, and that, my darling minions, bites. Like a motherfucker.

So I was sitting at my desk when my boss walks up.

Bossman: “Are you on the phone?”

Me: “No.”

Bossman: “Log out and come with me.”

Me: “Why?”

Bossman: “Just do it.”

Me: *logs out and stands* “Why, where are we going?”

Bossman: “Don’t worry about it. Just come on.” *walks away*

Me: *follows* “What’s going on?”

Bossman: “You’re getting an interview with the Director.”

Me: “WHAT? I’m not dressed for an interview!”

Bossman: “Shh! It’ll be all right.”

Me: “Oh my God.”

So I walked into the Director’s office and sat down to wait for him. The Director felt it better to just get the interview over with than have me stress about it all weekend, which I wouldn’t have. At least I would have been prepared, which I told him.

Me: “You didn’t see me in my last interview. I had notes all spread out. I had cheat sheets!”

Director: “Really?”

Me: “Yes!”

Director: *laughs* “Don’t worry about it.”

And so, there I was in jeans, t-shirt, flip-flops, and my ASU hoodie (he went to U of A), looking at him like “seriously?” Which was actually the first word out of my mouth with the first question: How would you explain the internet to a kindergartner?

Me: “I’m not a small kid person. I’m more of a teenager person.”

Director: *laughs* “Okay, but really, how would you explain it?”

Me: “I don’t know. It’s like talking on the phone….which is how it started anyway!”

Director: *laughs again* Okay, that works.

One question I apparently answered better than the technicians he’d interviewed. HA! Yeah, I could do that job too, and it pays more, but I don’t want it.

Last question was “Why do you think you’d be good for this position?”

Me: “I’m already here.”

He laughed. I laughed. We’re good. I get my contract.

Go me!


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