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Hey Chickadee

…oh you’re gonna love this cuteness.

First thing Monday morning, my ex-neighbor co-worker (I’ve been moved to the front) informed me that she’d bought a chicken coup over the weekend so she can have fresh eggs. Of course, it’ll be a while before that happens because THIS:

baby chicks

How damn cute is that? Right?

And, of course, I’m sitting in the front now…

Don't expect me to smile just bc I'm sitting here
Don’t expect me to smile just bc I’m sitting here
from the inside looking out
from the inside looking out

You see the ginormous opening that basically states to all who pass, “Here I am; talk to me!” Yeah, that’s why I’m not smiling. Doesn’t matter though; they still stop and talk. At least it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, and I’ve become the building secretary now while ours is on maternity leave simply for the fact that there’s a sign that tells incoming folk to go to the help desk, and when they get there I’m the first person they see. It’s been oh so fun directing people where they need to go while I’m on a call.

Also? Another co-worker got the programming job so his 12-month contract is now available, and of course, I have to apply for it and interview for my current job to have my contract changed from the 9.75 month to the 12-month. Really? That’s just stupid. I mean, I get it, but it’s stupid.

Happy Wednesday from My Geekdom!