Y’know, It’d Be Nice…

…if the guys who dip their fingers into the network and systems would freakin’ tell the rest of us just what in the hell they’re doing once in a while.

You know what I’m talking about if you work in IT. Programmers, et. al., don’t bother to tell you “oh hey, by the way, we did some upgrades and it’s going to affect everyone’s computers district-wide.” What that means is what happened to me bright and early Monday morning. I turned on my computer (because I shut it down over the weekends), got completely logged in to everything I use throughout the day, took ONE call, and my computer decided it needed to restart for updates.

minion what

I just freakin’ did updates!

Great way to start my Monday.

Then after I logged into everything again, I took three calls regarding the exact same thing and also a weird ‘can’t find c:\program’ error. I’m looking at that one like, “I can remote into the computer and see the desktop. Obviously the hard drive is there.” Ask the bossman, and he’s thinking virus. Meanwhile, I’m running virus scans half the morning until people who can figure it out can get in . That takes about all afternoon and…wait, they haven’t yet. Not exactly. It seems the new anti-virus is way better than the old one, and in being better, it’s found a ton of malware on all admin computers. Awesome. Wait, not awesome because when it removes these threats, it doesn’t fix the path, so the error is stemming from the fact that all of these computers were so bogged down with malware running constantly that the computer pretty much said…

minion WTF

…because the program vanished. They’re still working on it, but hey, it’s only been a few hours.


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