Hilarity Ensues…

…in the form of ignorance when it comes to computers.

So last week, I heard this from another cubicle: “There is a physical power button, ma’am . . .  no, not the dell logo.”

And this was my reaction…


It gets better…

“Ma’am, what kind of computer is it? No. Do you have a tower? Is there a name with numbers above the CD drive? The CD drive. That little rectangular area near the top of the computer………okay, above the dell logo, there’s a little round button. Push that in.”



“No, ma’am, push the button in…. Okay, I’ll just send a tech out. Thank you, have a nice day.”

*hangs up* “Oh my God!”

ME: Wow, that was just ridiculous.

“Seriously? She needs to step away from the computer.”


Welcome to my world.


6 thoughts on “Hilarity Ensues…

  1. Erika says:

    I had a customer ask me where the phones were located today. I asked her which kind of phones and she said, “the calling kind.” Uhh.. DUH lady.


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