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A Case of the Monday…

…stupids. No, really. Pay attention.

helpdesk1“No, ma’am, the screen is the monitor.”

Listening in on a co-worker’s call this past week proved more fruitful for post ideas. It’s also making me laugh hysterically in my little cubicle in the corner in conjunction with the calls I’m getting.

Like the person I just talked to. They didn’t have the barcode or serial number for the printer they were calling in, and didn’t know if the printer was plugged into the computer via USB or if the printer had an ethernet cable going into it. Why are you even ON a computer?I can’t look up the printer without knowing the serial number, make and model, and I can’t remote to the laptop because they don’t understand that they have to hardwire in so I can access their computer. I can’t do this shit wirelessly…yet. On top of this, the printer was no longer supported, so while telling them that I couldn’t help them without the aforementioned information, I also had to give them that bad news.

No, I don’t feel bad about it.

When they call, there is a prompt that tells them exactly what they need to give to us, but hey, they think we’re all mind readers or great wizards over here. They also seem to know more than us lowly help desk folk. I mean, hell, I guess they don’t really need our help after all, right? Most of the time, I get people with good attitudes and a great sense of humor, and they’re an awful lot of fun to talk to. But, once in a while there’s the jackass who’s either too stupid to operate the computer and has a bah-jillion viruses on it after we just cleaned it two days prior, or who just thinks we’re beneath him/her. I’m a tad short with these idiots. Y’know, condescending in a polite, respectful voice. They’re not usually quite sure what to make of it.

I should probably stop talking like this. It could have the potential to get me fired. *points at post* NO NAMES of PEOPLE or PLACES, folks.

At any rate, this was more of a rant, I think, than anything else. Oh, and hey, Gmail’s working fine so far! *snorts* I’ll give it another week or two.

Remember, be nice to the help desk people who help you with your technology. We have the power to really fuck it up for you without you realizing it. *winks* I already have a note on my desk of one individual to never speak with again. *grins*


Got this gem before leaving work last night: CALLER: I can’t find my spellcheck. Where is it? ME: *laughs* Oh, you’re serious. Um…

The caller stunned me stupid. I’m not kidding. Totally did not expect a call for that…ever. But then again, I have a B.A. in English and don’t need spellcheck.