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How Hard Is It…

…to create a new password?

Apparently, it’s extremely difficult when I have to remote in to help and still, the person just can’t seem to type their newly created password correctly. FIVE TIMES, at the very least. *headdesk* Yes, I have to type it for them sometimes. I *wish* I was joking.

gmailIn other news, Google’s Gmail hit an iceberg of mega proportions last Friday. Needless to say, it was so much fun at the help desk in a school district that uses Google’s Gmail service, and I ended up going to lunch an hour late because I had to field call after call that went something like this:

“Help desk, this is (Jinxie), how may I help you?”
“Yes, this is —– at —— and–”
“Your email isn’t working, correct?”
“Yes! How’d you know?”
“Don’t worry, it’s down across the globe. We’re aware of it, our guys are in contact with Google, and they’re working on it.”
“Oh, worldwide, huh?”
“Yes, it started in Europe this morning.”
“Really? Wow.”
“Try it periodically. It’ll be fixed.”
“Any idea when?”
“I don’t know. I don’t work for Google.”
“Oh, okay. Bye.”

I love my job. I really, really do. I find the calls amusing. Seriously. I laugh . . . a lot.

I mostly saw 793 errors. What the fuck that means, I have no idea. That’s not my job. When I tried to search an image of the error, all I found were 500s and 502s At any rate, servers went down and it affected EVERYBODY. Kinda trippy, if you ask me. HA!

GoogleFYI, when I discover shit like this as I’m working, I usually throw it out on Twitter. =)