Smoke and Mirrors

I love that the clients/customers in the district who call me think that I’m this great and powerful sorceress, but it’s really all just smoke and mirrors.

They call, expecting me to perform miracles within the precious few minutes they have before their next class comes in, parents show up for a meeting, or prior to them having to leave for a district meeting. That’s right, kids, it takes more than a few minutes to not only ping your new printer on the web to locate it and create a brand new print queue, but also to remote into your computer(s) and add said printer. I know, the horrors of having to wait. Please call back when you have more time. Of course, that’s assuming I actually can remote to the computers and there isn’t some other issue going on. I can’t fix this shit instantaneously with the *snap* of my fingers and say, “It is fixed because I am Jinxie, the Great and Powerful!”

On the other hand, they think this way because I’ve had several calls lately where their internet or wireless or printer isn’t working, but suddenly after getting me on the phone, it starts working. Of course it does, Mr./Ms. Impatient.

Or maybe I really do have magical abilities. *wink*

(I just found this little gem recently and thought you’d enjoy it)


Image source: Diana Adams @ Bit Rebels


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