It’s a Techie World

and apparently us techies can’t operate a two-way radio.

Seriously. We can all fix your computer from a completely different location, install a printer onto it, create print queues, reset your passwords in multiple accounts, write code, and reconfigure shit from our desks, but ask us to answer the emergency radio’s check and we’re all completely flummoxed. My cubicle neighbor was out for the third day in a row last week, and she’s the emergency committee person in our area, so of course the radio check happened while she was away . . . and none of the rest of us knew what to do. It took three tries with three of us flocked around the radio.

On a side note, I’ll be using smoke signals for communication during the z-poc.

God help the geeks should the zombiepocalypse begin anytime soon.


Does anyone know how to use this thing? Over.


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