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The Longest Day of My Life

Was the last two hours of work before I would begin my two-week winter vacation writing extravaganza!

I know, you’re jealous that I have that much paid time off, but at least you work through the summers and aren’t losing about $5K per year (unless you’re a teacher). Why do you think I’ve been pushing the books/publishing company so much lately? I need that income, folks. Besides, it’s kind of nice when I get to pay my authors. They tend to like that as well, so go buy their books!

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As a gentle reminder (and if I have to shove it down your throat, I will), I will NOT be editing ANYTHING between Dec. 20th 4:00 pm MST and Jan. 6th 4:00 pm MST. I will be utilizing this rare moment to work on one of three books (and maybe all three bc that’s how it works sometimes). Yes, one of them will be Assassin. One other will possibly be Gemini (mostly for edits). And the third may be either Tir na nOg or a yet-to-be-titled contemporary romance novella. What this all equates to is I will not be online much or available for much of anything except a coffee meeting here and there, and of course, holiday celebrations. I’m hiding in my cave for the next two weeks.

Let the games begin!

And Happy Holidays!


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