On Hiatus…

Yeah, I know. I’ve basically vanished from cyberspace like Egypt during protests. I thought last semester was tough with all the reading and writing I had to do for two literature classes. That’s NOTHING compared to this semester with anthropology, psychology, and Photoshop. I thought the Photoshop class would be easiest, especially considering my graphic design background. Oh hell no! It’s probably the toughest class of the three, and that’s fucking saying something considering what the other two are!

At any rate, I’ll be finished around the end of March. And then I have to figure out which MFA program I’m going to do. I may end up taking a year and a half off just to get all my ducks in a row regarding Just Ink Press and my own damn writing that I don’t ever have time for anymore!

I’ll be back soon. I’m still talking here and there on the fanpage, which goes to Twitter, and on Facebook in general via one page or another.

I just did a copy edit on Shannon Mayer’s newest book IMMUNE, so you might want to pick that up. And I’ve been promoting RC Murphy’s ENSLAVED, which I also edited and designed the cover for. Both of these books are spectacular stories and totally worth the $$. Click on the images below to check them out and purchase. Proceeds go to helping authors get paid for their hard work and determination to finish a damn book.


On Amazon

Enslaved Final Cover-sm

On Amazon

You could check out my books too, if you like kick-ass heroines and vamps…

On Amazon

On Amazon

On Amazon

On Amazon

On Amazon

On Amazon

Or you could just sit there and stare at your screen. Far be it for me to persuade you into visiting another world full of adventure. =D


2 thoughts on “On Hiatus…

  1. Angela Bailey says:

    I totally understand being overloaded with school.. and not having time to read (in your case write) what I want.. I am working on two Master degrees right now and working full time.. but I only have one semester left after this spring. The end is in sight.. I am totally looking forward to the next Kick-Ass Girls Club series book.. and I will wait (somewhat patiently) because I totally understand!! .. just don’t forget to take some time to “destress” every once and awhile. Cheers!


    • Jinxie G says:

      FINALLY, someone gets it! =) So few do. Thanks, Angela! And I *will* be working on the next book ASSASSIN as soon as I’m finished with school. Believe me, I want to read that book too! LOL I destress when I need to. The Walking Dead is part of that. =D Thanks for commenting!


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