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Rules of Editing – Part III

DISCLAIMER: This post is meant to be humorous and in no way constitutes actual editing rules to live by (well, maybe a few). I just thought I’d put something together to make you laugh at my expense during my final edit of The Vampyre Prophecy.

So, go forth, laugh, enjoy, COMMENT. I swear, it’s like I’d have to sell my soul to get y’all to comment…


© 2012 Jinxie G

Rule #14 of final editing stage: don’t get acrylic nails too long that’ll prevent *good* typing on the new laptop!

Rule #15 in final edit: try not to call your editor bad names when s/he calls you a lazy-ass for not adding dialogue where it’s probably necessary.

Rule #16 during final edits: laugh, don’t cry, when your editor asks you how a vampyre transports himself from one place to another.

Rule #17 of final edit: laugh at your editor’s mistakes, but do NOT point them out! This may or may not cause you harm.

Rule #18: don’t get mad when you realize your editor is way geekier than you. “Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.” @RCMurphy

Rule #19: beware the POV switch, for your editor may bitch slap you.

Rule #20: try not to laugh when your editor forgets or misspells a word. *snorts*


Yeah, it’s a short one this time around. Sue me. At least I posted something.

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