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Interviewed by a Vampire – R.C. Murphy

Darling minions, please welcome author R.C. Murphy to My Reality today. She has a new book out (and it’s awesome) that she’s promoting, and my vamp Shawn has decided he’d like to interview her. He usually interviews the authors around here, though it’s been quite a while. You’ve never truly been interviewed, unless by a vampire.

Shawn, go ahead and take over . . . the interview.

*laughs* You’d better clarify that shit ’cause you know what’ll happen. *clears throat* R.C. Murphy . . . oh hey lady, I know you! I’ve got some shit for you to answer, so let’s get started.

First question: Mind if I call you Nee? I kinda dig that nickname. *grins*

N: Everyone likes that name. Go ahead.

S: Thanks. So, Nee, what kinds of books do you write? Y’know, genre and shit. And do you read the same stuff you write?

N: I write paranormal romance, usually. I tried to keep it urban fantasy, but those pesky sex scenes keep sneaking in. A lot of the short stories I’ve written lately are straight-up horror. Those are the most fun, to be honest.

I read a variety of books, ranging from research materials to high fantasy. Typically, if I am in the middle of writing, I try to avoid reading paranormal romance so I don’t accidentally borrow from what I’m reading. That being said, I make an exception for certain favorite authors.

S: Ooh, paranormal romance! I like that shit. *arches brow* Don’t judge. I like what you’ve done with your vamps. Pretty fucking cool. I also hear that Umi approves. There’s a great nod for ya. What was your inspiration for the story, or how’d it come about?

N: I’ve always toyed around with a vampire book in some form. The book I just released, Be Ours Forever, came from a writing challenge that my friend Quamaine gave me. His challenge didn’t include vampires, but I used them to give myself familiar footing to tackle a situation I hadn’t delved into before, a romance between two men and a woman that wasn’t a typical love triangle.

S: Well, ya did a good job, darlin’. Why do you write that shit . . . I mean, I’m not calling it shit, per se, but why do you write in general? What motivates or inspires you to write or is inspiration for your stories?

N: Ha ha! Don’t worry, on hard days I tell myself, “This shit is hard!”

I write because otherwise the ideas drive me insane. It’s in my DNA to create something, somehow and writing just happened to be the right outlet for the creative urges.

Inspiration comes from observing the world–I do a lot of people watching. Something simple, like a couple arguing in the car at a stoplight, can trigger an idea. Other times the ideas come to me in dreams. Yeah, it sounds cheesy as hell, but some of my best characters started out that way.

S: *nods* Ah yes, good answer. I read everything Jinxie reads (obviously, though I try to ignore some of it), and her TBR pile is fucking HUGE. She just finished reading the graphic novel Witch Doctor, Vol. 1: Under the Knife, which is . . . well, I’ll let you read the review. Can you name any books (stand alone or series) that you absolutely HAD to read the moment you saw it?

N: Larissa Ione’s Demonica series hit my radar hard. A friend suggested it and when I went to the store to pick up a copy, I stood in the aisle for a while reading the first few pages and was hooked.

The rest of the stuff I read right now are all things that my mother, of all people, suggests. Or rather, she shoves them at me and says, “Trust me, you’ll like this.” Between all of my writing projects, I don’t have time to browse through bookstores. Luckily, Mom and I share similar tastes in novels.

S: How do you feel about fangs? *winks and flashes fang*

N: Fangs are sexy. Especially that moment when they first touch skin. A brush of danger. The knowledge that death is right there, ready to clamp down on your throat . . . .

Oh dear, I think I delved too far into that one.

S: You and me can delve into that one later. *winks* Can you give our readers any hints as to what’s in store for future books?

N: I can give a few hints, but not too many. That would spoil the fun.

My current work in progress is a novel called Enslaved. Take everything you may know about an incubus and turn it on its head. I’ve created a whole new origin for the incubi. There is a preview for Enslaved in the back of Be Ours Forever. *hint*

After that, I’m revisiting the Be Ours Forever universe for a prequel novella. This one will feature Jarlan and Meghan . . . and a basement. I can’t wait to write that one. It should be fun.

S: Sounds like it would be. So let’s wrap this up and you can show me around this beautiful home, okay? Particularly, your cave. *waggles eyebrows* Tell all the peeps for me, Nee, where to buy your shit . . . er . . . I mean book. *grins*

N: You would want to peek into my cave, Shawn.

Folks can pick up copies of my book at the following sites:

In paperback – http://amzn.com/147822150X
Kindle – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008S2D9J6
Nook – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/be-ours-forever-rc-murphy/1112317879?ean=2940044726536
All Romance eBooks – http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-beoursforever-904951-139.html

S: Thanks, Nee, for sitting through this wonderful interview with me. I’ve really enjoyed your lovely company. *winks*

N: Flattery will get you nowhere with me, Shawn. I have a lot of smooth talking bad boys in my head, it makes me immune to your charm.

S: Uh huh. Right. They ain’t me.

N: Thank you for taking the time to do this. We’ll have to do it again soon.

Abso-fucking-lutely! Alright, folks, go check out Nee’s . . . I mean, R.C. Murphy’s awesome vampire book Be Ours Forever. See that? It’s a VAMPIRE book. I like that kinda shit because, y’know, I’m a fucking vampire. *flashes fang* Oh, and it has sex in it, just so ya know. I don’t wanna hear none of you complainin’ that I didn’t warn you.

*head desk* Um, thanks Shawn, I think. I’ll take over again. And thank you R.C. Murphy for having the courage to deal with my most troublesome vamp! I think I owe you a cookie . . . or three.

You can find R.C. Murphy on her blog The Path of a Struggling Writer, Facebook, and she’s a co-Commander on the Zombie Survival Crew, where she blogs weekly and has written stories for their anthologies.