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All Apologies

My dearest minions,

I have been dealing with technological issues for quite some time, and those of you who follow me on Twitter or are on my Facebook can attest to the frustration I have experienced over the past several weeks. It’s been a nightmare. I was in technology hell, but I’ve found an escape route…

G brought me a new tower and I picked up a Wi-Fi USB adapter on Sunday, and TA DA! We have an Internet connection! Granted, I’m on my desktop now and laptopless because the motherboard pretty much fried on that bitch, but at least I can work again, and now being confined to my cave of a bedroom in order to do all of this, I should get more work done, right? RIGHT???

Of course.

So all apologies for the blank week (it was just one week, right?). I’ll get back on track next week, starting with another Writing/Editing post.

Peace out, bitches!

4 thoughts on “All Apologies”

  1. And yet you have managed to do more on the interwebs than I have done lately. Really, one of these days I’m gonna ignore RL altogether and stay online where it is nice and safe, and no-one ever shouts at me for being late with something… Or someone needs to invent a way to put more hours in the day.


    1. I’m with you on the more hours in the day, as long as they don’t factor into the aging process! =) BTW, if anyone asks me a question on that site, you need to let me know. Also, has your book arrived yet?


  2. I need to log in more to TGO to see if there are any questions – and yes, the book arrived, thanks. 🙂

    As soon as I have some sort of reasonable schedule here I’ll sit down and read. Those extra hours in the day would come in really useful…


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