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Working Out and Swearing

A week and a half ago, I was out with some friends at a local Goth club (that was awesome AND that I’m totally taking RC Murphy to next time she visits). Toward the end of the night, my friend G and I were lamenting about our age, our bellies (because we both could pull off the pregnant look), and how no one really looks at us anymore. It’s fucking depressing (and we’ll discuss my swearing on this blog in a moment). So, we’re standing at the bar watching everyone and talking about this, and a light bulb explodes over my head (figuratively, not literally). I turn to G and say, “Hey, there’s a gym at my apartment complex now. It has treadmills, an elliptical, and dumbbells and everything. You could come over and workout.” He replies, “I drive right by your house every day after work.” I’m paraphrasing at this point because my memory sucks, but the fact of the matter is that he stuck out his hand and we shook on it, thereby making a pact to workout together.

G showed up Monday after work and we hit the gym. It was great to have a workout partner again, and we decided we’d work out Monday through Thursday because his woman has Friday off. Perfect, and that totally works for me!

Now, I can’t recall if it was during Monday or Tuesday’s workout, but at one point, G mentioned that I swear a lot on my blog and that makes it difficult to read. I tweeted and Facebooked about this comment. Anyway, what he said surprised me and we discussed it. He said it was weird that he felt like that because when they (he and a bunch of our friends) would play certain online games, they’d get kicked out for swearing. I remember these games. They’d swear from room to room, down the hallway at each other. It was hysterical, and I totally used one of those moments in a scene for one of my vamp books, Gemini, which will be out later this year.

G is a computer guy. Always has been since I’ve known him, which has been over 20 years now. A lot of my friends are techie-geek types. Of course, because I sort of am too. So his deal was that “it’s on the internet,” which means the internet is permanent. You can’t erase that shit, even if you delete it. I get it. I totally do, and I explained to him that I get it; I understand what I’ve put out there. I even told him that I don’t tweet, Facebook, blog EVERYTHING. I really don’t. There is shit that I could totally write about and send into cyberspace, but I don’t. Why? Because people don’t want to read that shit and it could destroy lives. There are just some things you don’t put out there. Of course, I could be wrong about this because we have shows where the entire plot is based on DRAMA. Shows like Real Housewives of (insert city here). Yeah. I’d have been fucking rich by now if we’d had a camera on us during the family feud 5 years ago that tore the family apart. Talk about drama!!!

G also bought my book NemesisI made sure he understood there was a lot of swearing in it. He said, “In books, it doesn’t bother me.” I get that too.

So I asked the Twittersphere and Facebook if they thought it was difficult to read my blog with all the swearing, because I’m curious now, since G put the thought in my mind. I know some people are easily offended, and those people end up unfollowing or unfriending me. I really don’t care. Being offended is a choice, in my opinion, and if you choose to be offended (which G wasn’t at all), that’s your problem, not mine. But here’s the thing, and someone made this very comment, if it’s supposed to be a post where I need you to take me seriously, like if I were to write up a post featuring Defenders of Wildlife to discuss the massacre of wolves, I wouldn’t swear. Plain and simple. I can’t be taken seriously if I’m swearing like a sailor. I know this.

Now, if I’m writing up one of my Spam Comment posts, I’m definitely going to swear! It helps add to the humor. It’s like my friend Charles St. Michael, whose online ID for YouTube and Twitter is “like2sayfukalot” or “liketosayfukalot”. He’s fucking hysterical, by the way. You should go watch his videos.

So I guess I do swear a lot on here, and I can’t use the excuse that this is my personal blog because everything I do anymore is under the “Jinxie” name. Y’all know me as “Jinxie” and have for 4 years, or more for some of you. I’ve been using “Jinx” or “Jinxie” or “Jinxie G” for at least 6 years now, maybe a bit longer.

But there’s one other thing I’d like to point out: I’m different online from my real self. The people who have known me in real life for a long time see that when they see me online. In reality, I’m shy until I get to know you. I do swear a lot, which Umi likes to yell at me for after she drops an f-bomb, but I probably swear a lot more online. However, you’ll see me rant about things, talk about other stuff, but there are things I just won’t say or do out of respect…unless you’ve backed me into a corner with your drama bullshit. It’s happened before. Once. Five years ago. If you for whatever reason decide to do that to me, you’d best be prepared for my claws. They’re pretty fucking sharp. The thing with that is, I don’t play games. I just end them in one move. I’m pretty damn good at it.

I rarely swear on the recipe posts, though. The swearing really all depends on what I’m writing about, and that’s my point.

In other news, I worked my arms so hard last week that it took 3 goddamn days to recover!

This week’s workout will be sporadic, since G may go out of town mid-week. Regardless, I’m still working out, and I know G won’t let me stop. He was in the Army. I’m so screwed, people.

Next week: Moonbug’s final days (yeah, that one’s going to be difficult to write)

8 thoughts on “Working Out and Swearing”

  1. Here’s the thing, to be honest, I have never noticed that you swear an excessive amount but that could be because I swear a lot. I joke that it’s cause I work in construction. LOL Truth be told, I swear less in public, if I remember to have a filter on, so as not to offend people (unless you annoyed me and then I’m really just trying to get under your skin cause I can be an ass like that). I swear less around my grammy cause it’s respectful. Otherwise, it’s a free for all and I admit that I can be worse online, depending on the topic. The truth is there is a freedom to being online, an anonymity that allows us to be more of our selves in the most outrageous ways, or at least that’s how I feel about it. I am the same person in real life, just slightly more reserved. I feel the same about you. Online is a persona of ourselves. So that was a really long way of saying, it never bothers me. LMAO Then again, I am probably not the best sounding board for the topic. LMAO


    1. Yeah, I never swore in front of my grandparents, out of respect, and rarely did in front of my mother for years, but hell, I’m 43 now, so who gives a shit. LOL

      I’m mostly the same person IRL, but a lot more reserved. A. Lot. The internet *does* provide certain freedoms and I take advantage of those freedoms, but still, if someone hasn’t met me in person and just knows me online, they really don’t know me all that well, regardless of what I put out on my blog. Since I’ve been accused of putting too much of myself in my character Nemy (it’s in a review on Goodreads by someone who ONLY knew my online personality), it’s like this…my character Nemy is who I wish I was – everything about her, but most especially her strength. I could never be that bold or outgoing or anything. Never! It’s not who I am. She also looks nothing like me, and while Nemy’s family owns a vineyard in Italy, mine no longer does. I just thought it’d be cool to use that aspect of my family for the character, since I happened to make her Italian (she’s full-blooded; I’m a mutt of 9 cultures). Damn me to hell for using too much of myself in the SIXTH book I ever wrote. The first five have characters that are nothing like me.

      *ahem* Sorry for that little diatribe…

      At any rate, I swear, you swear, we all fucking swear in this life. WTF does it matter? I’ve got a disclaimer up to the right there, and I’m pretty clear about the swearing on all of my accounts. =D


  2. I am the grammy, and sad to say, I swear like a sailor, which I was. However, my swearing doesn’t date from my Navy days. It came over me when my daughter turned 14. It abated when she became a mother herself and we started to feel like a team. Now I cuss because every move I make hurts something awful.

    I try not to cuss in front of the younger grandkids. My mother can swear a blue streak, too, but she never did when my father was alive because he never did swear. My grandparents didn’t do it.

    Do I like swearing? I do not. The fact that I do it doesn’t mean that I like it. Nor do I like to be lectured about it.

    Jinxie, honestly, I could do without your swearing, but that probably means I’d have to give up on you in general, and I’m not ready for that. No idea why, but I like you.

    Swearing, like a lot of behavior, is selfish and rude and keeps people at arm’s length. Smoking is a lot the same way: smokers may not like to be slaves to the weed, and they realize that it stinks and gives people migraines, but they don’t feel they can break their habit, so they get defensive–which is to say offensive. Random, habitual cussing is a way of rejecting others before they can reject you–unless you’ve just hammered your thumb or something.

    Being offended is truly a choice. It’s also a cudgel that people bring out to let you know how morally superior they are to you. If someone is offended by my swearing (or my politics, which is the more likely scenario) then I know I’m in the presence of somebody I can’t tolerate.

    There. All you need to know about cussing. (PS: This is Texanne. Do you like my new pen name?)


    1. I see your point, but as I see it, I’m nowhere near as bad as a lot of people, especially the generations younger than me (which I did not raise bc I can’t have kids). Unlike most of the younger generations, I was actually taught manners, so I know when and where I can swear and whom I can swear in front of. I don’t swear in front of small children, just simply bc I know they mimic adults. I didn’t in front of my grandparents until I was much older bc it was disrespectful. I generally don’t know how old people are online bc so many hide behind avatars, but honestly, if my minister friend Dr. Rus can handle it (and he laughs at me a lot), I figure I don’t generally care unless you tell me it bothers you. 🙂


  3. Just now, when I said I had no idea why I liked you, what I meant was that I didn’t intend to analyze that right now. Sorry about that.


  4. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve started working out! I love to work out. I have a very weird schedule, so it’s hard to set exact dates on when I go, but I always have a good time when I do. I normally do all my stuff outside, in the evenings, but it’s a LOT cooler in California than in Arizona. Lol. Keep up the good work! 😀
    On the swearing thing, I can’t really say that it makes your posts hard to read for me. I swear a lot, my friends swear a lot, my family swears a lot. I’m really used to it and being written or spoken doesn’t really make much of a difference to me. But hey, I’m not the only one who reads your blog. I say to just write it the way it comes out.


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