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Spam Comment – 18 June 2012

Good morning, my minions. I hope the day finds you well. As for my spammers, well, I hope you achieve a better education so you can leave this shitty job. I mean, let’s face it, you’re not really accomplishing anything but annoying the fuck out of people. Yes, I’m right. I’m not arrogant enough to claim that I’m always right, but on this I am.

This week’s spam comment comes from Beiibhy (how in the fuck do you pronounce that?) and posted on Zombieland. I’m laughing my ass off over here. You’ll see why:

The movie was great because Will Smith is a top-notch actor…

Wait, I’m stopping right there. What fucking movie did you watch? Was Will Smith in Zombieland and I didn’t notice after viewing it like five times? Maybe he was one of the many zombies. Um, yeah, I don’t think so. So WHAT exactly does Will Smith have to do with ZOMBIELAND? Let’s take a look at more of the comment…

The edinng wasn’t up to par with the intense drama that was developed throughout the entire length of the movie. I agree with the edinng being too cookie-cutterish. (Yay i support u WRIXEL)In response to Locksley the trap was made by the zombies, who mimicked will smith’s trap in order to lure him near the building where they were camping…

Ah, you’re talking about I Am Legend. An interesting movie, but I have to correct you on something. That movie does NOT have zombies in it. They’re more like vampires, I suppose, so we’ll call them that for lack of a better term (because zombie sure as fuck isn’t the correct one). I can understand your confusion – blood-sucking undead carnivores. Really, I can. And WTF is WRIXEL? Anyone? Okay, let’s look at more…

However, this was a bit incongruent with the lack of intelligence the zombies were displaying earlier.As far as how the zombies were designed, I thought it would be better if they didnt all look the same. Supposedly it was a virus that causes hairloss, skin reactions, and loss of pigmentation, but I dont understand why they all looked like clones. I personally thought the zombies looked scary. =( Yes i am one of those ppl who jump at everything tho. >.<

*sigh* You are an idiot. First, we didn’t see enough of the vampires (not zombies) to deem their intelligence level. Just sayin’. Second, do you even realize this movie was a remake, on top of being based off a novel (you know, those rectangular things with words printed on paper)? Right. Doubtful.

Okay then, NEXT.

Note: I wrote this post during an insomnia night. Can you tell? My sarcasm becomes stronger on nights like those.

4 thoughts on “Spam Comment – 18 June 2012”

  1. Gosh, Jinxie. I didn’t see either movie (not my genre) but I am a fan of Will Smith, for sure. Remind me never to get in your way when you’re all insomniacal (don’t you dare change that word, Spell Chekk.) :)TX


  2. Yes, I Am Legend was about vampires. I read the book. It’s a “vampiric” society. The Omega Man with Charlton Heston is based on the book, too. I’ve seen Zombieland like a bajillion times and I’ve never seen Will Smith. I will just mention here that I’ve seen the movie both sober and…er…not sober, and haven’t seen Will Smith in either state of being.

    And I think that guy’s name is pronounced “baby.” He spams me too. Now I feel betrayed.


    1. *falls over laughing*

      Oh hey, I’m watching a Will Smith movie right now, and it doesn’t have vampires OR zombies in it! *gasps*


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