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Spam Comment – 11 June 2012

Yeah, I’ve shortened the title a bit more.

So it’s June 11th and several people have birthdays this week, according to my Facebook notifications . . . including ME! WOOT! The birthday post will pop up tomorrow, but for now, we’ve got a new spam comment. *throws confetti* What? My birthday’s coming up soon. I’ve been in a confetti throwing mood lately. 😀

Today’s spam comment comes from google seo and was posted on Spam Comment – 28 May 2012. That’s just too awesome for words. BUT WAIT! There’s more…this is the FIRST spam comment I’ve received that’s NOT IN BROKEN ENGLISH. See below…

Estoy impresionado! Blog muy informativo puesto aquí mi amigo. Sólo quería comentar y decir mantener la calidad del trabajo.

That’s right, my very first Spanish spam. I’m so proud. *pats spammer on head* I think you’re finally learning!


2 thoughts on “Spam Comment – 11 June 2012”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a Spanish comment. I used to get a lot of Portuguese email.

    Happy birthday!


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