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Beyond Hell

Okay, I was all emotional and shit over the weekend, and stressed the fuck out beyond belief, so I thought this post was going to end up all whiny and everything, but the weekend from Hell ended on a high note (no, stoners, I don’t do that), so aside from the migraine attempting to carve its way out of my brain right now, I feel pretty fucking good. That’s also aside from the only a few hours of sleep I got Sunday night/Monday morning and I hit the gym for the first time in THREE YEARS Monday afternoon. Ouch!

Sorry to disappoint you, Unca T. No need for popcorn or tissues.

In the last week or so, my cousin Skywise and I had a discussion about an old wives’ tale/myth/whatthefuckever where when your hand itches, money is supposed to be coming to you. And I’ve been told that if one hand itches, that’s true, but if the other hand itches, money leaves you. I call bullshit. All of my life, whenever my hand (either/or) has itched, money comes to me within a day or two. It doesn’t matter which hand it is. It’s weird, I know, but then it’s me and I’m weird. The kicker of it is that the money always comes to me when I absolutely need it the most, and to preserve what little sanity I have left, I presume.

Sunday night, just before midnight, I sold the item below . . .


. . . for $300.00. I know, I about fell over too. The wonderful person also purchased a bracelet along with it. Earlier in the evening, I’d sold a necklace, and within the 10 minutes after selling the ink wash, another person bought a bracelet. Not to mention the custom order I just received . . .

Oh hey, by the way, I do custom orders – colors/stones, sizes, etc. – for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I’ll post some pics in the Jewelry & More section soon!

Anyway, HOLY CRAP! Can we keep this ball rolling, please? I could use a little more than a break/breather. I’ve been drowning for months and a reprieve isn’t looking like it’ll happen anytime soon. I have at least a few more months of this waiting game shit.

There is another ink wash listed . . .

Click on the image

Also? Soon I’ll be adding t-shirts to the above-linked section. Some will be Umi quotes. *snorts* C’mon! How can I NOT put that shit on a shirt and sell it? Honestly. She’s fucking hysterical. And just so you know – and she already knows this – when she dies, I’m totally publishing a book titled Conversations with Umi. Yep, you bet your ass I am! The world must experience my mother and I intend to immortalize her. HA!

4 thoughts on “Beyond Hell”

  1. Hey, Jinxie–

    I’m so glad to hear about your hot sales! Yowie. Did you make the pictures yourself, or are you an agent for someone else? I knew that you wrote and make jewelry (thanks, the girls love the bracelets) but was unaware of your art. Except for the cool cover on NEMESIS. You did that yourself, right?

    And, I hope Umi doesn’t have to die before you share her quotes with the world. :)TX


    1. The ink washes are mine, yes. I made them back in ’93. If I can find my damn ink, I’ll make some more. =) I did design the cover for NEMESIS, but my friend the Dirty Russian actually took the photo, although I was present during the shoot, which was awesome.

      I’ve already done 2 posts titled “Conversations with Umi.” You should be able to search that phrase and find them. =)


    1. Yep. Cafepress is giving me a hard time about the copyright at the moment. I left them a msg telling that I OWN the copyright.


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