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It’s CONTEST Time!

That’s right, my darling little minions, we’re holding a contest. I know, it’s been awhile, but have no fear, you can win a FREE book!

Last Friday the 13th *giggles* I helped host a book release party for an hour, where I had three of the author’s books to give away, three of my books to give away, and someone won a piece of handmade jewelry from me. I did a drinking game of sorts because in my book Nemesis, Nemy is a bartender…and likes to drink…a lot. *ahem* At least three of the drinks I used in the game were from the book. =D

The thing is, I didn’t realize 1) how much fucking FUN doing that would be, and 2) how little time one hour is. So, I have TWO copies of the book below to give away today. Take a look…

Shadows in the Dark by LD Hutchinson

What dark things lie in wait for you when you least expect it? Vampires? Avangeline used to think they weren’t real, until she was told that her best friend has been one for years now, as well as her fiancé, and most of the other people she knew. Later, she finds out what she really is… The heir to a Vampire clan, and the only thing that can stop a war between good and evil. 

Go take a look at the link here, but it’s pretty much the same thing I have listed above.

It’s a FREE ebook, people. And it has vampires in it. Oh sure, I could keep a copy for myself, but I’m going to buy it so I can review it later. Reviewers aren’t allowed to receive free copies. It’s a stupid new law. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, you’re wondering what the damn contest is, right? Well, first, you HAVE to comment on this in order for at least ONE entry to count. Second, you HAVE to follow the directions for your options outside of commenting on the post…and here they are:

  • Share this on Twitter for 3 entries
  • Share this on Facebook for 3 entries
  • Reblog or mention it in your blog for 2 entries

If you choose to do any of the above, you MUST provide the links for each item you do in your comment, and give me your TOTAL number of entries as well. Next, answer the following question, if you dare, as it is the main part of the contest, after all…

Question: Name one of the original titles for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. (1 entry)

BONUS entry for Count Dracula’s original name!

It’s easily searchable, by the way. =)

Just so the answers to the question(s) don’t show up here in the comments for everyone to see, email those to me at: jinxieg13 (at) gmail (dot) com, with the name you post your comment as above or below the answer(s).

And as a bonus, I’m throwing in THIS wonderful piece of jewelry as a prize to one of TWO lucky winners!

Note: You can do ANY of the things above, only some of them, or ALL of them. It’s entirely up to you; however, you MUST at least comment on this post in order for your ONE entry to count. There is opportunity for a total of 11 (eleven) entries!

You have until 11:59 pm, Thursday, April 19th to get your entries in. And by all means, let’s make this entertaining so SHARE!!!

Seriously…don’t make me beg.

I’ll choose a winner on Friday the 20th, using Random.org.

19 thoughts on “It’s CONTEST Time!”

  1. So… we’re supposed to comment here, then email you stuff too? And we get uber points and things? I’m all excited until I see the math… LOL anyways, you’re awesome for doing this 😀

    PS I like vampires as much as I like zombies, but don’t tell Julie that!


    1. You have a potential 11 entries if you do all of the above, so YES, uber points! And yes, email the answer(s) to the question(s) so everyone has a fair shot and they don’t appear here in the comments. The answers are easily searchable, BTW. =) You already have 1 entry, Leona.


      1. Well, I also posted it on FB so, so there! :PP but um, you know how long it’s been since I read the original Draculas?? Anywas…It should be farely easy to look up if my 3yo wasn’t sure that all books were meant to be thrown around until he found the one that needed editing!! I have a Dracula book around here somewhere… LOL OH> I forgot the dang blog part…grrrr

        LOL so… 3+3… Twitter place FB = 6!! plus whatever answers I may or may not have to send you….


  2. Yay blahblah Contest blah Win Big… or something like that 😉
    Your blog and contests are always fun, and everyone wins because they know you *hugz*


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