Sorry for the Absence . . .

For the past week, I’ve been attempting to come up with something to write for today’s post, especially since I missed posting last week. I’m still at a loss, so I figured I’d just start writing the fucking thing and see what happens. This is the result.

*Note: there will likely be a lot of swearing involved, but since when is that news to anyone who reads this damn blog? Right.

To update you on what I’ve been doing and why I missed last week . . . actually, I can’t recall why I missed last week, but we’ll make something up, like Moon ate my blog post. Sounds good to me. Moon eats just about anything you put in front of . . . she can find. Yeah.

A lot of you know I’ve been editing the past few weeks. I’m working on a novel I wrote in 2006/2007 titled Dusk of Death. This book is the one I entered into a contest not all that long ago, which I obviously didn’t final in since I never heard anything, so I’m sticking to my editing schedule and will ship it off to my awesome editor Sharon before deciding whether to publish it through RIP or send it off to an agent. I really can’t decide. It’s driving me crazy.

Once I’ve finished this edit, I’m either going to work on Tír na nOg, Assassin (yes, m’dears, I know you want this book), or I’ll continue editing Gods & Vampyres. I may even have a vote/contest up about it next week. We’ll see. Not enough of you comment for me to hold contests, but I could change my mind if a bunch of you comment now. Either way, I need to get all three of those books out this year and only ONE of them is completely written. Yeah.

I’ve also started my own jewelry shop, which can be found by clicking on the awesome image below . . . .

One other thing I’ll be adding to this site is a Jinxie’s World clothing line of some sort. I’m working on some nifty designs and we’ll see what happens with them. As soon as they’re ready, I’ll let you know. That’s my new logo off to the side, by the way. *winks*

If you haven’t read my latest book review, please do so here . . . BOUND . . . as I get paid by you visiting the website. So go. NOW! I’d also appreciate a share, as with anything I post. Thanks! It is my new goal to attempt to post a book review every two weeks and then work my way up to one per week. I certainly have a very large To Be Read pile to go through for this!

And I think we’ll leave it at that for now.

So, should I hold a vote or a contest? Comment now.


4 thoughts on “Sorry for the Absence . . .

  1. Texanne says:

    Hey, Jinxie–

    I meant to comment about your last spam entry, but wasn’t properly signed in to WordPress. Argh! The joys of multiple personalities.

    Poll? Contest? IDK. No doubt, some kind of local emergency will joggle it out of my brain anyway, and I’ll totally forget.

    Crikey! I KNOW I’m signed in to WordPress, but it’s still showing that I’m not. Dang! Can I comment as anonymous? You know this is me, Texanne.

    Ah, reload the page, and all is well. Look for an email from Glory.


    • Jinxie_G says:

      Got the email. Thanks, hon. Will ship tomorrow. =D

      I’m thinking a contest of some sort, but I need a lot more people commenting on this blog! I may even give away jewelry. *gasp* And a book! OMG!


  2. Leah says:

    Wow, busy girl! Lol.
    How did you get a jewelry shop up? I’ve been trying to sell my Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky)… I just have absolutely no idea where to start ;>.> lol
    I definitely like the idea of a contest, by the way 😉 haha.


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