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Online Dating…Still?

I don’t even know what fucking week this is now, but my subscription to the dating site ends on March 4. I will not be renewing it for several reasons. That said, just as I’d given up on the stupid site, a new guy came out of left field at me two weeks ago. Seriously. Totally caught me off guard and I pulled a Keanu Reeves because I was like “Whoa!”

Yeah, I know, bad joke. It’s not meant for you; it’s meant for him because he hates Keanu Reeves. Annnnnnd moving forward…

And you know what? He’s really tall and hella funny and damn cute. I’m hoping he’s not a serial killer because he really likes Dexter, but then again, so do I. =D Hmm…

I’ve had three dates with him so far and have enjoyed myself immensely. Chivalry is NOT dead, ladies. I know, I’m in shock too. No, I’m not telling you about my dates, but if you’d been paying attention to Twitter or Facebook last week, you would have caught some of it. =)

Umi said recently, “It’s nice to see you smiling again.” Um, yeah. That says a lot.

Also? I’ve totally found my zombie apocalypse survival partner!!!

He has ZOMBIE AMMO, people!!! \m/ (^-^) \m/

5 thoughts on “Online Dating…Still?”

  1. I mentioned to Lady Catherine last night that even if he turned out to be a serial killer, that the two of you would join forces anyway… considerable shortening my Christmas card list I suspect. 😉


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