Online Dating – Week 13

Oh hey, that’s my lucky number!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to go on the site lately because I’ve been slammed with several other things–writing and editing, my disability hearing, and being there for an old friend, to name a few.

Said old friend is one of my ex-boyfriends, and he cooked his spaghetti for me last Friday. I think he was trying to kill me because it damn near set my mouth on fire. I call it spaghetti with a kick. His recipe had more of a kick than the one I posted early summer. Holy hellfire! And he wouldn’t tell me why it was so damn spicy either. Little shit.

I’ve pretty much grown bored with the dating site anyway. *shrugs* What can I say? I’m a Gemini and I get bored quickly if you don’t hold my attention. The A.D.D. makes it worse, I think.

So I think for now we’ll put this little experiment up on the shelf way in the back because why prolong the torture . . . I mean, the pain . . . er, the fact that I’m perfectly fine with who I am and being by myself and who the hell needs a man around when I’ve got toys . . . er, never mind.

Awkward moment . . . .


Merry Christmas!

*hopes the image distracts you from that*

No? Shit.

Oh look! It’s snowing on my blog!


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