And I’m Off!


… traveling the world! Okay, maybe not the world, but I am traveling.

As you read this (if you’re reading this right after it posts), I’m sitting at the airport (hopefully having already gone through security and not been molested by the TSA) and waiting for my flight in roughly an hour and a half. If you’re reading this around 10am AZ time or anytime thereafter, I’m already in the air…and will be ALL FUCKING DAY! You think I’m kidding, but check this out:

My plane departs around 9:30am.

I land in Minneapolis/St. Paul a little after 1pm, where I have about a two-hour layover, maybe a little longer.

After leaving there, I arrive somewhere in Ohio just after 7pm.

So you see, I’ll be in the air pretty much an entire workday. Too bad my laptop battery won’t last that long. Actually, cut two hours off for the time change and I’m really looking at maybe five or six hours in the air. Again, too bad my laptop battery won’t last that long, though I’ll hopefully be able to charge it during the layover.

Most of you know that when I go to a Comic Con weekend, my blog becomes vewy, vewy quiet. It’ll likely remain quiet until mid-week next week when I reach Baltimore.

So…until I’m back online, have a wonderful day and a great weekend!

You know I’ll be on twitter, and if twitter decides to communicate with Facebook, you’ll hear from me now and then. 😉



One thought on “And I’m Off!

  1. Vivtoria Allyson says:

    Safe trip. Have a ffraking blast! And you should have a long email to pursue by friday morning. Yesterday was a “lost” day. Cooked/ baked & started to watch Bones. So i didnt get squat done. Enjoy Comic Con, i cant wait to go to the one in San Diego next year! 🙂 Vic


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