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Cholesterol…Damn It!

In lieu of my typical recipe post, we’ll be talking about my health today. Why is this important, aside from the fact that not eating healthy can kill me? Well, mainly because it’s going to change the recipes I post on this here little blog. But that’s a good thing, trust me, because I can’t stand bland food, so I’ll be finding ways to make healthy good-for-you-food taste great. Hey, it’s what I do.

So my arteries are getting clogged up. That’s what high cholesterol does to you, which puts you at risk for heart disease. Awesome! But here’s the kicker….high cholesterol is 240 mg/dL and higher; mine is at 1900+. Wait, WTF? Yeah. Shouldn’t I be dead?

So here are the things I can’t eat anymore with my notes attached:

Butter, margarine and shortening – um, WTF? How am I supposed to cook and bake now?

Coconut and palm oils – not a problem! They aren’t in my diet to begin with.

Cheese – But I LOVE cheese!!! *pouts*

French fries – don’t care much for these anyway

Doughnuts – *gasps*

Whole milk – looks like I’m going back to 1% milk

Cookies – are you fucking kidding me???

On the plus side, olive oil, avocado, walnuts & almonds (neither of which I eat), sunflower seeds (along with sesame and pumpkin seeds), and seafood along the lines of salmon, mackerel, and herring are IN.

And on top of this, I essentially need to switch to a low carb diet with anti-inflammatory foods. Hey! Avocado is an anti-inflammatory food! Homemade guacamole, here I come!

Time to start looking up recipes….and of course, modifying them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cholesterol…Damn It!”

  1. Dang it, girl. I wish I could ship you a box of avocados! How do you cook without fat? Moderation? I don’t know, but get that number down stat! I will kick your zombie butt down if you die on me.


    1. Well hell, Shawna, if I’m a zombie, I’d hope you’d shoot me in the head! lol No worries, I’m working on it. A friend of mine who is an executive chef is going to help me put together a diet plan that won’t starve me and will actually taste good. Because she rocks like that. 😉


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