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Calling All Minions!

My dearest minions,

You know I love you. You know I adore you. You know I will do anything for you.

Today, I need your help. I need you to spread the word about my Fight Like A Girl campaign. This isn’t a scam and I’m not keeping the money, but I sure would like to donate more than $25.00 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. I say that because it almost feels like people think it. If anyone has said it or does say it, I implore you to tell me about it so I can correct them.

Women in my family have died from breast cancer. This is not something that is trivial for me and I would like to help in the fight for the cure.

And for you, my minions, what I am going to do is hold a contest for helping spread the word. You can tweet it, blog it, Facebook it…whatever you want and how you want to do it. Just drop the link to one or each in the comments area. For each thing you do, you get one entry, so total up your entries as well and leave that in the comments.

Tweet = 1 entry

Facebook = 1 entry

Blog = 1 entry

The Prize:

You have a choice of either a Fight Like A Girl bracelet, or a Zombie Survival Crew survival bracelet in your color of choice.


Here is the link you’ll need to tweet, blog, or Facebook:

Don’t let me down, my minions! Let the games begin! You have until October 31st.

Good luck and thank you!

Your loving master,

Jinxie G

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